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New Sound Recordings
Cuz I love you
Warmest Christmas wishes
Kitty cat under my wheelchair
The Wonders of Life
Kidz Bop. World tour.
Bad Bad Dinosaur
It takes a village
Kidz Bop. 21
Kidz bop 22
Halloween jams : kids dance party.
Halloween fun
Songs for Carmella : lullabies & sing-a-longs
A hug and a song!
Not the End of Me
Before we were strangers
The cartel
Late nights and longnecks
The moon is everybody
Wee folk stomp
Big ballet day!
Dancing in the moonlight
Lullabies of broadway. Act II
Swamp romp
Therapeutic songs for kids
Warheads on foreheads
Stand back : 1981-2017
A dog
Wyoming fierce
Who I am with you
A town divided by Christmas
The teacher
Sunset beach : a novel
Revenge of the wrought-iron flamingos
The pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh
Killer thriller
Dig your own grave
Crashing heat
Shadow warrior